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Tired of hiding the scars
Always trying to be somebody
Before you run out of life
Run to me
We'll go down to the waves
Try and lay ourselves wide open
Just beyond the horizon
You will see
Down the long road


Caught up in the madness
I could only stand and stare
As the whole wide world
Came crashing in on you
The only thing I can offer
If needed I'll be there
If only to try and make
Some sense of what to do


Baby it's a long hard road
That leads to the coast
Maybe it's a long hard road
But we'll get by


Take the time look within you
Take time to reflect and see
The deeper you go to find
The more you wont believe
Some people search for the answers
Some never see them coming
And some never realise
What they leave behind






Time for us to run
From these strangers
Since we let them in
Haven't seen us
Where d'you think you are
I'm sorry
Who you talking to
Got the key to the house but it can't be used


You couldn't make it up
You couldn't make it up
You couldn't make it up if you tried
Are you and I in love?
Are you and I in love?


How do you fall apart
Come and see me
Been staring at the dust
On the TV screen
All your friends
They don't know you
In the end
The years rush on but they take so long




Are we skating six feet under the ice?
We try to make things up
We try to make things up


My life passes me by
I waste every minute
Every minute
Trying hard to find the right moment
To begin it


Dropping off the girls
Through the front door
A strange man's coat
Was hanging in the hall




I need you, I need you
Sorry I need you
I forgot that I need you




It's been seven days and Evangelina's
Trying to keep her faith
She's been holding onto what's good inside her
Frightened that she might change
She works so hard, she works so hard


Trawling over the morning papers
Scared of what she'll read
Half the worlds caught up chaos
As the other half seems to bleed
It's oh so wrong, oh so wrong


She remembers a time when things were fine
And nothing stood in her way
And In her mind for these worlds to collide took
Seven days, it only took seven days


It's been seven days and Evangelina's
Trying to keep her faith
Seven days (seven days Evangelina)
Seven days (seven days Evangelina)
Seven days and Evangelina's
Closer to her God
It took seven days for her world to fall apart


I've learnt to let things go
Face my fears to grow
Letting light through the pane
Breaking down my walls
To get through this love
Will cleanse your soul


Is anyone out there?
Is anyone out there?


I don't want to be alone
I don't want to feel so cold
Don't want to be
Don't want to feel alone


Strange how fate unfolds
Stumbling through this world
There's no way you can plan it
Walking through the dark
You're the shooting star
That I hoped I would find there


Is anyone out there?
Just give me an answer



I want to find true love
I want to feel true love


Home was so far from my mind
As I lose my way I find
I forgot you were there
Words that you spoke drifted in
From when onto you I'd cling
Home is here my darlin'


It's all we really need
It's all we really need
Sometimes it's harder to come back
Than to leave


Plans slipped away from my grasp
But I'm too afraid to ask you
I'm too afraid
To ask you for guidance






I lie awake whilst you are sleeping
Think of all the thoughts I'm keeping back from you
That if I really had the mind to
I could pull the stars out of the skies for you


Nobody loves you
Nobody loves you
Like me


When we touch we try to hide it
When she ties her hair back she looks just like you
We move around in different circles
Can't help colliding, can't stop finding you




As you know I don't like to choose
But things can change in a heartbeat
We both know it's not up to you
I lie awake and watch things turning bad





No amount of money could pay my sins
Daddy's so sorry for the state he's in
There's a heavy price for the hurt I've caused
Daddy's gone away from the ones he loved


I wonder who you'll be when you've grown
I hope you have my eyes but not my soul
Would you even want to know my name?
Don't fear the blood 'cos we're not the same


I can't hold you
God I'm on my knees
I'll always love you
My heart is on my sleeve


I close my eyes when the nights are still
There's a time to die, a time to kill
If you're listening God I forgot to pray
For the thousand demons standing in my way


I long to see you
In the town beyond the trees
I wish I'd known you
But there is no release


Look after your mama when I'm gone
You've got to play straight, you gotta be strong
God is shining on my son
Please don't judge me when I'm gone


I will hold you
When you reach the other side
I adore you
'Cos love will never die


I will see you
In the town beyond the trees
There's light in the distance
I shall be released


You were my light
You were my guiding hand
In a world that has lost its meaning to me
You seemed to understand
I learnt how to run
Maybe I got a lucky face
I guess everyone has their share of trouble
Now I'm learning to fall with grace


If you look you'll see
You manifest in me
Now my devil's in the ground
While your heaven holds you now


I'll get me a place
Somewhere out by the ocean
I'll hang your pictures
Get me a wife
Raise myself a good son




It's only what you believe
That sets apart
What you take and what you leave



Take my hand
Feed my soul
Show me a life where I feel our love can grow


Don't be scared
Be the one
I thought I'd worn my emotions to the bone


I can't lie babe I'm feeling something
Feeling something
I can't hide now your stealing my dreams
Is this the way you're feeling too?


I've been alone

Half the man
But darling for you I will make a stand




I hope you feel the same way too?
Take my hand, be the one




You are my lover
But you can't make this better
I'll drive from the city
To where the sky is nearer


These walls of illumination
Look down on a foreign town
Black birds on the thermal streams
Like kites in a horror scene


I'm in trouble deep
I'm in trouble deep


We talk in broken letters
Some words can hide their meaning
It's so dark I can hardly see out now
Think I might drive away


I'm in trouble deep
But I'm not losing
I'm in trouble deep


Riding out to nowhere
Heading for the sun
Riding out to one more place
From which to run


Riding out to nowhere
Heading for the sun
Riding out to nowhere




As we sail through this ocean
That was filled with our own tears
All these twisted emotions
That we build from our own fears


Yeah I believe in love
'Cos love is all we have
It guides us to dry land
Yeah I believe in hope
'Cos hope is all we got
When everything is lost
Yeah everything is lost


Baby try not to breakdown
Don't you let him take your dreams away
You can rise above these soul cages
Put back that pretty smile he erased




She remembers the first time
He held her close as the tears ran dry
As she looked down at the bloody water
She saw the child but the child had died






Only you can save me
Only you can save me from the storm
Hiding in the shadow
Hiding from the sun for being born
Jealous fascination
When I hear you lock the bedroom door
Together in a vision
Hear you come passing through these walls




I'll be by your side x 4


This is only natural
The way that I should want you too
It's mutual attraction
Written in the blood that's passing through




When the leaves are falling
He'll be locked in someone else's room
You will never be empty
Cos I will be inside of you



Cinnamon lets her hair down long
And it's tangled in a thousand knots
And she's holding me in
In so many ways
Her beauty pulls me off my feet
And I'm caught upon her desert breeze
My world's a mirage
For the love she shows me


Gotta try my best to break her spell
Before I burn in my own hell
And I find myself waiting
To sail that wave again
And as I'm falling deeper in
That's where obsession starts to reign
And it scares me to know
What I might find there


I try to fake the perfect smile
But there's a splinter in my side
My heart has been bleeding
Since I was stranded


And as I watch the perfect dream
Get ruined by my inner fears
I'm waking up knowing
That my love will begin again


And I tell myself I must be strong
Can't waste my time thinking I was wrong
Don't know where I end and she begins (yeah)




Don't let go of this life
Darling I need you
Weak as I am
I can't release you


As you jump the line
There's something inside
That's making me carry on


Have you got high enough?


I believed your lies
You said it was ending
You wore the same scent
That you had as we wedded


As I took the aisle
You looked in my eyes
I felt like the only one


Have you got high enough?


There's one thing I know
This is a hole
That I cannot dig you from


Have you got high enough?




Daylight shining through the trees
We bathe beneath the sun
I dance your body through the leaves
Our love has just begun




You're taking my heart away this time
You're taking my heart away it's not right
You're taking my heart away
My heart away this time


I knew you were the chosen one
As I watched you from afar
I fell in love with your lonely gaze
The night I took you home




I held your face
Your kiss was cold
Like flashlights through the snow
I hear the wolves they're at your door
Don't worry babe
I'm the keeper of your soul





I'm in the park
It's getting dark sitting here
Taking in all of the atmosphere
One thing is certain
If painfully clear
You're not around

One single magpie
Flies over my head
It takes in all of the mood of what was said
One crumpled pillow
And half a made bed
Now you're not around

You're not around
To hear all the things I need to say
You're not around
To chase all of my demons away


So I'll just sit
In the fast approaching gloom
Lift up these tears
To the fast approaching moon
And hope that this same light will shine down on you
Now you're not around
You're not around



As you reach the city
The streets shine in gold
It ignited emotions
You thought had run cold


You stood and watched the preacher
At the side of the road
He said, "This town's full of vampires
So take care of your soul"


You flew like a bird
Through those towers of glass
No time for reflection
No thought for the past


As you pushed the boat out
I waved from the shore
You'll start making waves dear
As you drift from it all


They'll love you and lead you
Right down that beaten path
You'll learn when you're down on your knees
You gotta go there to come back


You will roll like a stone baby
All the way home when you're done
As you search for the answers
You'll find they were there all along


The people who love you
Have lost who you are
But I guess you've been running
Since before you could crawl




So don't let the world
Bring you down
The jewel's inside you
That you haven't found





Come lady come
Walk in the sun
Follow my lead
Take my hand
Be my love through the seasons
I'm down on my knees


I was caught in the wheel
You've broken my dream
Let's drive to a place
Where your name could be mine forever
I saw it in your eyes
When you said


Save me, save me, save me please
From this life


This cynical heart
Has let down its guard
I thought I knew love
But when I saw your face
I knew different
It's such sweet surrender





He was the king of broken dreams
Trying to sift through empty seams
He saw a face under a crown
The beauty queen at the carnival
As cupid aimed the town parade
He missed the shot he should have made
As fate was played the shooting stars
Rained down upon the lovers paths


They stole away to a darkened room
He freed the golden threads of flaming June
Her soft white dress on a dusty floor
A premature reminder of the love in store


She left the life she could have had
And took a chance on Bobby's hand
He promised her the moon and stars
But suddenly the sky came falling down


Ten years of reign came to an end
The radio man cried, The King is Dead
It's the greatest case the town had seen
The papers called her Killer Beauty Queen
She tried to plead her innocence
The knife was pulled in self-defence
But the Judge said, You can try those crying eyes
You run with wild horses you pay the price
You can try those crying eyes




If you tell me I will listen
There's so much I need to learn
Fill this moment with your wisdom
Take this spark and make it burn


Show me love my arms are open
It's only now I've been awoken
Lead me to the journey's end
Save me from the colder season
Tell me there's a deeper reason
Lead me to the journey's end


I was told there is no meaning
I was taught to keep things in
There's a darkness that I've been deep in
Is there nothing I can win?




It's easy if you can see what guides you
But I reach for what I can't hold


On and on and on and I say
Lead me to the journey's end




Every time I walk with you baby
You see the real me
Even though this road's well travelled on
It belongs to you and me


As I watched the fire escaping from your heart
Where the northern lights were now there is no spark
I've been blinded by the writing on the wall
For so long now


Is it true what they say about us?
Is it true what they say about us?
That the gold is beginning to rust
Is it true what they say about us?


Got a wanted poster with your face on
Nailed to this tired heart
Go get a bullet with my name on baby
Take another shot


As we dived into the pool beneath the stars
Where the falling satellites have made their mark
We revealed the deepest secrets of our hearts
For so long now




Hold on, hold on
I have watched the fire escaping from your heart
For so long now




I'm watching from a distance baby
I can see the sun
I've got no resistance to you lady
I'm sure that you're the one


Town Beyond The Trees Album

The Storys Album

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